no inhibitions

What I wouldn't give to go back in time and change whatever it was that makes me so shy/embarrassed/prudish/not able to do things like in the middle of a crowd by myself with everyone watching.

The thing is that even though this little girl is rockin' out by herself, no one is looking at her and judging her.  Instead, they nod their head with approval and think to themselves "Wow!  She must really be enjoying herself." And you know what...I bet she is!


fun, no fun

So my friend had this amazing idea for her birthday...Pedal Pub! (In other cities it's called other things, such as in Milwaukee it's the Pedal Tavern.)  Since this was one of the options I had for my birthday I was quite curious to try it. 

Must admit...not as fun as I thought it might be.  Turns out that it is actually hard work, a.k.a. wear work out clothes if you choose to do this.  Also, the one in Chicago doesn't have it's liquor license drinking on the Pedal Pub...which to me, means that at this point in time, it needs a new name.

Besides the fact that we worked our tails off and couldn't drink on the Pedal Pub, we did have an excellent time...but then again, that's the company I tend to keep.  By the end of the ride the majority of us had had enough to make us feel pretty loopy and one (the birthday girl) had so much that she was no longer able to pedal.

Oh yeah, and my elbows are painfully scraped up from the ride...:(  All in all...not sure I would do this again.



Anne, its like 700 rings before your voicemail comes on...and you sound like an android on your voice machine...just saying.

Um...just calling to see how you're doing and also wondering if your plans after work on Monday. Wanted to treat you to something for your birthday and cut you a check.  So, hopefully you had a good birthday.  Sorry I missed it.  Um yeah, I was thinking maybe mani/pedis, cocktails, dinner...something like that, to celebrate the birth of you.

Anyway, give me a call back when you can, otherwise I'll see you when I see you and we can think of something else.  Alright bye.

*Best message ever!*



Today and tomorrow are my last two week days of freedom until holiday break, December 24, 2011.  Decided to spend today relaxing at my friend Jamie's* pool.  Here is the view...

*a.k.a. Luke's pool

*3 of 365



Last night the celebration continued...Shlee and I went out for dinner and drinks near her as this place had wonderful outdoor patio seating.  People watching in that part of town was fantastic as well as extremely distracting.  I definitely had the best seat in the house!

While chatting, I heard a familiar voice pass us...turned out to be a bestie from that is taking me out on Thursday for another birthday celebration...SMALL WORLD.  We met her outside on the sidewalk and began to chat.  At the same time, Shlee ran into a friend of hers and went to quickly see his new place.  Across the street, Jill and I decided it was time to catch up while waiting.  Shlee joined us after a few minutes for some good times...I love when my circles of friends collide!  We noticed an extremely large/over sized chair and voila...

*2 of 365


new decade

Today's the day...the start of my third decade!  I am in complete awe of how lucky I am and have been in my 30 short years of life. 

I believe the festivities began on Wednesday of last week when some friends came in town for a mini vacation.  They treated me for dinner at Rainforest choice because of their little ones!  Friday was planned by one of the greatest guys on the planet <3!  He planned everything from dinner at Nui Sushi (freaking amazing!) then drinks after dinner at Faith and Whiskey.  Saturday was the day that I planned...or really planned the start then everything else was up to the group.  Because of my late time change to the evite, Caleb and I met up with some early comers at Third Rail then we walked over to Market Bar for some rooftop drinks before dinner.  Dinner was quite tasty then we headed to Lumen, Mad River, and Barleycorn Lincoln Park.  So many of my favorites showed up!  Loud voices, laughter, and love surrounded the weekend! 

Last night, I realized that it was officially the last night of my 20s.  In order to say good-bye to another great decade we met at Kirkwood for a few drinks and great conversation.

Today, my actual 30th birthday, looks like facebook is blowing up with well wishes from friends and family.  My parents came into town, Dad to a Cubs game with his friend and Mom and I to West Side Story at the Cadillac Theater later tonight...but first...early dinner at Chen's.  Planning on meeting up with my pops upon our return from the musical.

Plans for continuation...special dinner on Thursday with some of my hometown besties then meeting a Cali friend for lunch.

Everything has been so amazing and I don't think I could ever thank everyone that I need to thank in the way(s) they deserve...

Oh yeah, I have also decided to begin a 365 picture documentation of my 30th year.  The first picture is a cheat since I didn't actually take it today (more so on Friday) but it fits the situation perfectly...

*1 of 365



This past weekend I was in complete awe of the 45,000 runners from all over the world who chose Chicago as their location to run 26.2 miles (a.k.a. the Chicago Marathon).

Here are some of the most memorable parts of viewing my 6th Chicago Marathon.

*Standing at Mile 1 of the 26.2 mile race to watch...

     -the wheel chair athletes

     -the set up of the official race clock

     -the official start of the marathon with police motorcycles and pace cars

*Watching the elite runners race by mile 1 4:30 seconds after the race started.

*Cheering on my friend Thomas at 5 different beautiful Chicago locations

*Runners helping each other finish the race (check the middle of the photo...the guy in yellow is being helped by the lady in white)

*Carnival acts...juggling and costumes!

*Behind the photos of the ever popular Marathon Photo guys who happen to be at EVERY race.  Smile at mile 21!

10.10.10 was a great day!  Congratulations to all of the runners who trained for weeks and weeks and gave it their 100% best.  You have all inspired and motivated me to want to be a better person.  There were certain moments during the race where I almost teared up a little and other times in the race where I realized that I can no longer say that I can't do something.  Oh yeah...and a shout out to Thomas who raced the marathon in 3:26:and change :)